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You support Wisconsin’s children and families.
Let YoungStar Connect support you!

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YoungStar Connect provides and oversees all YoungStar services. We offer individualized and group-based coaching, on-demand resources and live training, ratings, and a help desk, all designed to ensure that Wisconsin children, providers, and communities thrive.


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Local Coaches and Specialists provide targeted coaching support to any participating program that requests it, in whatever format you choose (onsite, virtual, or both), for whatever amount of time is desired.

Participate in YoungStar

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YoungStar provides an opportunity for your program to improve its overall quality, while also improving the outcomes of the children in your care. Complete and return a YoungStar Contract to start participating today!


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You invest so much time in providing the best care to children and families. Now, invest in yourself with our virtual, in-person, and on-demand training opportunities.


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YoungStar Connect completes YoungStar ratings using the same YoungStar Evaluation Criteria and Environment Rating Scale (ERS) tools that you have always known.

YoungStar Connect Team

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YoungStar Connect has recruited and partnered with local, highly qualified ECE and school-age professionals in Wisconsin to ensure that all coaching, training, and rating support fits the needs of Wisconsin.


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YoungStar Connect is powered by a team of early childhood and out-of-school time organizations that bring the best of local, state, and national expertise to the providers of Wisconsin.

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YoungStar Connect wants to ensure enrolling and participating in YoungStar is the best it possibly can be. Share your ideas and suggestions by emailing us at

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